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Tips to Help You Travel on a Shoestring Budget

When it comes to seeing the world and experiencing other cultures, too often it is a person’s finances which prevents them from achieving their travel dreams. And while there are many experiences which simply require a lot of money, there are so many more which you can have that cost nothing. You just have to get there.


To help you out, below are some great tips for traveling on a shoestring budget.


The Bus Is Going to Be Your Best Friend

If you love the life of catching an Uber or a taxi everywhere you go, this is the first behavior which you will need to change if you’re going to travel the world on the cheap. In fact, buses will replace virtually all of your travel.

Instead of catching a flight a short distance, catch a bus or two for a day. Instead of getting the boat across the lake, consider a bus which will give you a  more scenic route.

While you can bet that this method will take you longer, you can also bet that it will be at a fraction of the cost of your regular more faster means. Of course, it also comes with the bonus of giving your perfect opportunities to meet and talk with locals simply completing their daily trips and errands.

If You Recognize the Sign, Don’t Eat the Food

After transport, food is the biggest cost when you are traveling. The best way to keep your food costs down is to eat like a local. This means that instead of walking into a restaurant or cafe which you recognize from back home, find the longest line for street food and joint it. The longer the line, the better the food will be.

Discount and Coupons

When it comes to keeping in touch when your friends and family back home, utilize the Groupon Coupons page for Vonage. When it’s time for a tour, ask your hostel or local tourism stand for any vouchers available. Whatever it is that you want or need to do while you are traveling, search for coupons and vouchers which you can take advantage of. Tourism departments are more than happy to provide coupons and free tickets to local events to help you enjoy their city and your stay.


If it’s been a long time since you have shared a room with somebody then it’s time to become accustomed to the idea before you leave. After transport and food, it’s accommodation which sees you spend the most, which is frustrating because it’s the place where you will spend the least amount of time.

To keep your accommodation costs down, your best bet is going to be sharing at hostels and similar spaces. While you might not like the idea, hostels have come a long way and provide a decent level of comfort and service for a budget-friendly price.

Don’t let a small budget get in the way of seeing the world! Utilize the tips in this article along with any other advice your friends and family can give you and get out and explore the world!