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Over 50 And Tired Of Traveling Solo? Find Holiday Companions



Using a self balancing scooter for many today has become an easier way of traveling solo.  These are often called hover boards and are guided by the users feet, using sensor pads.  They are normally designed with two wheels that are arranged on each side of two small platforms, where the rider puts their feet.   As many of us get older walking is sometimes hard because our bones get weaker and so do our muscles.  Many seniors may be able to walk shorter distances but not longer ones.  These scooters can help by giving more mobility to those that still have their balance but their legs or backs won’t give the the freedom to go the longer distance.

Traveling Solo

Many times traveling over the holidays is a great time to travel and adds a new twist to the scenery and the experiences that a getaway can offer.  There are many people that as they get older, are traveling alone.  Sometimes this can get boring or lonely and creates the yearning inside to have someone to share this experience with.  There are people that will not travel for they do not want to do it alone.  There are places online where you can meet other people that are looking for people to travel with and share these wonderful experiences.  A travel companion can be of the same or opposite sex depending upon what one is looking for.  There are sites online that will have you to fill out a form answering questions, to help match you with the perfect travel companion.

Reasons To Travel With A Companion

  • To find someone to share this wonderful traveling experience with
  • To find someone to help share expenses such as rooms, rental cars
  • Many people do not like to dine alone
  • There is normally safety in numbers
  • It can help some people to meet a mate that they have a lot in common

Finding That Perfect Travel Companion

If you travel and use a two wheel balance scooter, it would probably be wise to find a travel partner that also used one.  This would give you the ability to travel together and see what the area has to offer.  When using a scooter, your travel partner may prefer to walk at a slower pace than your scooter travels.  It would make your travel more enjoyable if you both either walked or selected to use a scooter.  When selecting a travel companion it is important to know that you both have the same interests and common enjoyments.  This way you both enjoy your experience and it helps to create wonderful memories.

Another thing to consider when searching for a travel companion, is to make sure that you have an equal understanding of each other want.  Some people may be looking for a relationship while others are only searching for friends and has no interest in becoming involved.  This could create an uncomfortable environment and one or both people will return home with disappointment on how their trip turned out.  Life can sometimes be a let down if we do not make wise choices.  Be honest when answering your questions about what you are looking for, so that you can select the best travel companion and the best balance scooter.


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