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Great Places To See In Japan During The Winter

If you are planning a vacation to Japan during the winter, there are some amazing places to see. While Japan offers a temperate climate for most of the country, there are also places that resemble a winter wonderland and can welcome you into your snowy dreams.

The most visited place in Japan during the winter is, of course, Hokkaido. This far Northern part of Japan gets a huge amount of snowfall and boasts several ice festivals to go along with it. This makes it the ideal winter wonderland in Japan and an amazing place to visit during the winter months. Click here to read more info about places in Japan.

Sapporo in Tokyo holds a huge snow festival every year. This festival includes ice and snow sculptures that are sure to impress you. From whole villages to several story animals these sculptures are truly works of art.

If you go a little more north, you will be able to find the Japanese macaques. These incredibly fuzzy monkeys have no natural predators, so they aren’t particularly scared of people. This comes in handy when you want to watch them relax in the sulfur-rich pools they use to stay warm. Seeing their snow covered heads peeking over the water can be a real treat and the monkeys honestly don’t mind.

No matter where you go in Japan, it is easy to emulate the monkeys. Onsen or hot springs are offered in many areas and are a perfect answer to a cold Japanese day. These hot springs can be public or private, and many offer breathtaking views or historical insights while you relax away the cold.

Heading back towards Tokyo you can find many charming mountain inns where you can relax in traditional Japanese style while watching the snow fall. In these inns, you will often see traditional style innkeepers and furniture. Ask your innkeeper about the story of Yuki Ona or snow demon if you want mental imagery to go with the storm raging outside. Find out more at

Many of these inns offer you the ability to try our traditional Japanese skills as well. One I stayed at actually had us make our Udon noodles and then whittle our chopsticks. After the slightly cold work had been done, we relaxed in a traditional dining hall with piping hot tea and the delicious fruits of our labors.

Great Places To See In Japan During The Winter

Exploring Tokyo itself can be fun during the winter. Most of the trains run below or well above ground and make getting around the city easy even when it is very cold. This is also a great way to get views of Tokyo from all over the city for very cheap from all Japan tours.

The Akihabara electric town goes all out all year round. In the winter, this bright beacon to fandoms often has winter themed decorations and offers warm arcades in which to heat your fingers and escape from the cold.

If you are looking for a winter experience in Japan, the northern parts get enough cold and snow to give you all your could want and more. Exploring these places is easy with Japan’s railway system and a little research. From the classic to the super modern Japan is a great place to visit during the winter or any time of the year.

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