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the great travel companion

Characteristics of a Great Travel Companion

In this post, let’s write some tips to help you be a luxury Male travel companion with distinction. Remember to be companion is to provide a service, and as such, it should be seen in a professional manner especially if you would like to be a Paid male travel companion. Your customers expect no less of you. Only professionally you will be able to grow your customer base, increasing its reputation and of course your financial income. Read more at

Follow our tips below to create your luxury escort business successfully:

Determine your area of expertise as a Paid male travel companion.

Usually the accompanying job is more requested in major metropolitan areas. Depending on the size of the city (for example, if it is a capital), you can choose to display your services in pre-selected areas, or if you have ease of travel, specify the surrounding areas that are acceptable to you. Accept monitoring services in more remote areas, consider charging for travel. Longer trips are a cost in money and time; all companies charge these costs to its customers, why shouldn´t you as a Paid male travel companion?

Characteristics of a Great Travel Companion

Create a pseudonym or stage name.

It is normal for a Travel companion for women to choose a pseudonym because by not using their names, they are able to protect their privacy and prevent constraints with people’s mind that are less open. Consider an appealing name, which is not too vulgar, the image you may want to go is an exquisite luxury escort.

Make a high-quality photo book.

This is the most important point of all. Photos taken in an amateur way are not going to be able to attract more and better clients, especially if you are a Travel companion for women. Your photos should be sexy, sharp and revealing their best features and personality. The photos will be your best business card and alone sell their services. Keep your photos performed by professionals in a refined atmosphere and with good lighting. Click here to read more info about high quality photo book.

Become the best Travel companion for women

There are several ways to promote your Travel companion for women services. Choose the ones that best fit the customer level of demand. Usually we do not encourage the publication of advertisements in the newspapers, because we think we do not always attract the best customers. You can post your profile on websites. We recommend using a phone number and a specific email for your service – so you can easily separate your private life from your professional life.

Communicate with your client, keeping them active and happy.

As with any business, after customer acquisition, we must do everything to keep them coming back. It’s hard to get good customers, so keeping them satisfied is very important. Make them feel special, thank them by email or phone (if the client allows you to connect to the phone). Do everything to get back to meet him or her more often. You should also keep a list of your customers, because then you can easily access them, especially when it comes to a Female seeking travel companion.

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